Sue Kennedy


Sue had a passion for Yoga when she was 11 years old. She taught herself and practiced every night for 5 years. In her late 20s Sue qualified as an aerobics and Step instructor and taught exercise to music classes in the local and Manchester area. As a busy mother with three children and a husband who worked abroad, she had little time to continue teaching and concentrated on her family. However all the aerobic and running (which she did a lot of ) took its toll on Sue's knees and after her last marathon in 2015, she concentrated more on her passion of teaching Yoga and Pilates as well as Personal Training. With so many years of teaching it has given Sue the knowledge and first hand experience of dealing with many different health related conditions.

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Emma Smith


Since her late teens, Yoga had been a practice that deeply fascinated Emma. However it wasn't until Emma's twenties, that she began to learn the true physical and emotional benefits of the practice for combating the stress of a busy life and busy mind.
Deciding that she wanted to share these benefits with as many people as possible, Emma completed her Level 3 Yoga Teacher Training with HFE and began teaching in early 2017, starting with Hatha and developing her practice and teaching into Vinyasa flow, and over the years Emma has completed training in Yoga for Anxiety, Pre- and Postnatal Clients, and Lower Back Pain.
Emma draws upon the various elements of posture, breathing and mindfulness to create fun and dynamic classes that aim to strengthen the body and mind, and reduce tension.


Megan Bird


Megan first discovered Yoga just over eight years ago and her passion for the practice has deepened throughout the years. In 2016, Megan left the Ribble Valley to go volunteering and travel. Thailand was her first destination and there she taught Yoga for three months in an Orphanage and a Burmese Refugee School; here Megan's passion to teach others about the practice really began. Megan's path then lead her to India for two months where she studied and carried on teaching the practice of yoga.

After seven months of traveling, Megan  then went to study Yoga full time in Seville.
Feeling inspired and with a whole new level of enthusiasm to teach the mind, body and soul practice, Megan came back to the Ribble Valley ready to share her love for Yoga with everyone. Megan's teachings come from the heart, allowing you to fully connect with your very own practice and ensuring you will leave classes feeling nurtured and refreshed.


Kirsty Baines


Kirsty first started practicing yoga around 9 years ago, at the time she was suffering from an eating disorder and negative body image. Over time, her practice has helped her to foster a compassionate and loving relationship with herself, this was the reason that Kirsty decided to become a teacher, so that she could pass these skills onto others who may be in similar situations.
Kirsty enjoys teaching creative and dynamic flows that offer a challenge to both the body and the mind, whilst always promoting the underlying message of accepting our bodies and their abilities exactly as they are in this moment, no matter which stage of our journey we are on, focusing on how a posture feels rather than how it looks. Due to her full-time job working in the mental health sector, Kirsty is passionate about utilising yoga to improve students mental wellbeing through compassionate movement, breathwork, yoga philosophy and connecting to the mind, heart and soul.