What we can all learn from the Lockdown

Updated: Aug 4, 2020

“Have you seen the moon tonight?! If not, go and take a look!"

This was a message I was sent last night from a friend of mine. This was after an emotional day, at the end of a very emotional few months. The last 4 months have been challenging for us all, and my personal story for the last few months has been a huge challenge, to say the least!

In addition to the uncertainty brought about by unexpected changes due to our community trying to reduce the risks of COVID-19, and the pressure on the business due to being unable to open the studio (I know lots of you have been in the same boat), as if that wasn't enough, I've also had health issues! As many of you know, I've been unable to teach, practice, or even see family due to having severe pneumonia and a lung abscess. Considering I've gained another wonderful grandchild during this time, not spending time with loved ones has been tough for us all!

This doesn’t mean that I have completely neglected my practice. I've been doing breathing techniques on a daily basis (progressively), and more recently started again with gentle walks. The recovery is going well, and although I'm not able to practice as much as I'd like just yet, I'm feeling much better!

So why am I telling you this?

Let's go back to the message I received. Some say that the moon energy amplifies our emotions, and it can bring them to the surface, which creates opportunity for us to be more reflective. Some things are way beyond our understanding, so I won't claim to have the answers as to "why", but taking the opportunity to reflect can be hugely valuable, as it's once again proved to be for me.

Of course I am missing my physical practice (I would’ve certainly been practicing Moon salutations with my students this week in the studio), but here's the important part to reaffirm.

We're making progress!

Our online classes continue to be streamed straight from our studio to your home, and have helped enormously those who have been unable to get into the studio for various reasons (including shielding to protect health). Our classes will continue as familiar routines return, and although capacity is limited, we now have a full class timetable back available for our community!

The feedback that we have had from our online classes has been amazing, as has the recent feedback from our COVID-safe classes back in the studio!

To all of our community who joined us online and in the studio, THANK YOU!

You have told me how much during lockdown you appreciated the classes being streamed from our home to yours, and the fact that we have helped you keep your routine. Having such a wonderful group of teachers with the best motivational skills (and of course, your own passion for yoga) has helped you to make it through the difficult months.

I know that these last four months has raised our awareness to many things. Although challenging, they have helped us to understand the importance of staying present and grounded, whilst our regular routines have been interrupted.

As things start to return to familiar routines, what has been your “go to” practice?

I know that mine has been going out for short walks and feeling at one with nature, where I have been able to practice my breathing techniques through walking meditation.

So, I would love to hear from you, to know what has been your "go to" self-care? What have you been doing to look after yourself during lockdown? Let us know in the comments!

I know the online classes have been a God send for some, because you’ve told me so! Please feel free to tag yourself into our Facebook group (this is members only- would you like to join us? contact us here!) with your yoga asanas or your yoga home studio. In fact, everything that's been helping you over this time! Your walks in the park, your horse riding, gardening or whatever you have been doing during lockdown for your self care. Share it with us in the group, or if you're not a member, add it to the comments here!

Thanks for everything guys, I can't wait to see the photos you share!

Sue x

P.S. you can use this link to book now for the coming week!

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