Refinement over Restart

You don’t need to be a new you every January.

I know that marketing from fitness and unfortunately some yoga brands has had you believe that at the start of every year you have to wipe the slate clean, start over and pretend the last 12 months never happened. Especially after the 2020 we had, I understand why you’d be enticed by ‘new year new me’ quotes. I’m going to tell you why it might be fun to see it a different way.

‘New year new me’ completely invalidates the incredible human being that you are, and have been for the past year. You might be tired, beaten down, afraid of watching the news, lonely. But you’re still here. Which means that you’re also resilient and strong and able to get through pretty much...anything (that isn’t an invitation to try your luck Boris!)

This year I invite you to proudly say ‘new year, same me’. Yoga at its core, is about unity and oneness, not just in a community but within yourself. You cannot be at peace with yourself if you’re building a brand new you every 12 months.

That means coming as you are, and accepting yourself as you are, flaws and all. This isn’t to say don’t work on yourself. It’s an invitation precisely to do the self work - keep developing the person you already are. Make new intentions and habits that clear out the toxic or not useful energies and make way for new opportunities, experiences, friendships, relationships and knowledge.

You may find along the way that the you that sobbed over a tub of ice cream after a breakup taught present you a lot about independence. The you that couldn’t get your heels down in downward dog was patient and kind enough to give you the time to be able to do it now.

Do you ever stop to notice how far you’ve come?

The you that you are now is the most robust and resilient you may have ever been. Let’s celebrate that, you gorgeous thing.

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See you on the mat,


Updated April 2022

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